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Director of Information – Learning and Skills Council (July 2004-April 2005)

The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) is the largest of the Government’s non departmental public bodies in the education sector distributing £9billion of public funds. Adrian was appointed to the new position of Director of Information to make radical improvements to its information management strategy, processes systems. With a £51 million information budget and 350 staff, this was a complex assignment involving the redesign of relationships and systems across the further education sector before recruiting his successor to lead the implementation programme.

The change programme was built around a new enterprise information architecture model which brought coherence and simplicity to a highly complex information landscape that had evolved over many years. The changes were made at an unprecedented pace right in the middle of the drive towards FoI compliance. The assignment required the active engagement of 5,000 staff across the organisation, together with officials from the DfES and the Principals of Further Education Colleges across the UK.

The LSC business requires the annual collection and analysis of 72million learning transactions from around 4,500 learning providers in England. A complex information supply chain then processes this information to generate reports and analyses that are used to measure performance and guide policy development. Reports and guidance documents are then produced and distributed to stakeholders in a complex publishing operation. In its five years of operation, the LSC had amassed 34million documents – creating a serious records and information management problem that needed to be urgently addressed.

Adrian’s analysis provided a new perspective on the complex and chaotic information processes that were operating and allowed activities to be segmented into a series of discrete business services, each of which could be run in a more coherent and manageable way. Indeed it was identified that when segmented and optimised in this way many of these services could become shared services allowing “Gershon” style collaboration with partners elsewhere in the sector.

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