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We adopt the ethos of "open source consulting" - we make our methods and approaches freely available for our clients and others to use. In every engagement, we aim to transfer our expertise to the client as quickly as possible so that the impact of our work can continue even when the assignment is complete.

Our approach is novel. The way in which we approach any challenge or problem helps our clients gain new insights immediately. As a result useful interventions and solutions often emerge on day one of any engagement, allowing the client to build on these straight away with their own skills and experience.

Once the insights begin to flow, engagements usually complete well ahead of any previously envisaged schedule which certainly suits us and definitely suits our client! Our goal after all is to create the insights you need to solve your own problems.

Our Approach

Please don't spend your time formulating large and detailed consultancy tender documents. They really don't help and in our experience they focus on the wrong problems.

  • Why focus on the detailed issues? Tackling the root cause or the higher order problem can create a more universal solution in a shorter time.
  • Why generate large consultancy reports which won't get read?
  • Wouldn't you prefer incisive solutions, delivered quickly in a form you can act on?

For many of our clients, a short teleconference is all they need to see the true nature of what they are trying to tackle and a much simpler way of going about it. Challenge us - let us prove it. If we can't convince you of our approach in a one hour teleconference, we don't deserve the assignment!

Ongoing Coaching - Giving you the confidence to succeed

Our approach is powerful and the clarity and insight can be addictive! Without any up front commitment, many of our clients ask us back for one-day reviews and top ups on an annual, quarterly or sometimes monthly basis. It gives them the absolute confidence that they are on track and ensures that they can stay at the leading edge.

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