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Worth attending and I would recommend to others"
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» Introduction

This one day foundation programme provides an essential introduction to the important principles of information architecture design for the information and knowledge professional. It explores how modern information resources need to be organised, classified and formatted for effective navigation and retrieval. It introduces the current thinking on electronic collection design, information classification, meta data standards and information navigation techniques. It also describes specialised roles and publication processes required to make an effective information architecture work.

» Outcomes

  • understand the business benefits of deploying a coherent information architecture
  • learn to recognise the symptoms and risks of a poor architecture design
  • understand the components of effective information architecture and how they need to be managed
  • understand how to use a wide range of information architecture tools
  • learn how to sustain the ongoing maintenance and development of an information architecture

» Programme

  • the structure of webs and intranets and their role in business
  • developing content organisation schemes and structures
  • developing personas and scenarios
  • navigation and labelling schemes
  • content mapping and collection design
  • planning a search architecture

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  • Course fees - 325 + VAT
  • Next date - No public courses planned
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