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NLP based communications
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Information Architecture TOP

A selection of useful information architecture resources that have helped clients gain a deeper understanding of the techniques and tools from the field.

Title Format Author Date
Information Architecture Reading List PDF Adrian Dale  
Wikipedia - Metadata Registry html    
A Policy Checklist for Enabling Persistence of Identifiers html Nick Nicholas February 2009
Building Coherence at the BBC html Tom Scott and Michael Smethurst 30th January 2009
Persistent Identifiers: Considering the options html Emma Tonkin July 2008
Cool URIs for the Semantic Web html Leo Sauermann December 2007
Enterprise Information Architecture Framework PDF James Meltzer May 2005
Enterprise Information Architecture Roadmap PDF Louis Rosenfeld May 2005
Information Architecture: A Stronger Foundation for Knowledge Management html Adrian Dale October 2004
Classic IA Tools - Personas, Scenarios and Card Sorting PDF Dan Willis April 2003
Coining the term Infostructure - 1994 PDF James Tilton October 1994
Enterprise Information Management TOP

Selected resources considering the challenges of managing the growing volumes and complexity of information in the modern organisation.

Title Format Author Date
The Future of Enterprise Information Governance PDF EMC - EIU October 2008
Reclaiming our Birthright - Ibersid Conference Debate - October 2008 PDF Adrian Dale October 2008
The Diverse and Exploding Digital Universe - 2008 PDF IDC March 2008
The EMC Live information growth ticker SWF EMC March 2008
The Architecture of an information revolution - Willie Stein Memorial Lecture - 2007 PDF Adrian Dale July 2007
NLP Based Communications - Insight Back Issues TOP

Back issues of Insight - A popular newsletter based looking at NLP based communications

Title Format Author Date
Let me tell you a story... PDF Godfrey York January 2004
Carrots and Sticks PDF Godfrey York December 2003
What do you meme? PDF Godfrey York November 2003
Stop Arguing! PDF Godfrey York October 2003
Inspiring Progress: Motivating Goals PDF Godfrey York September 2003
How do you do that? PDF Godfrey York August 2003
The meaning of communication is the response that you get PDF Adrian Dale & Ruth Sanderson July 2003
Resources & Tools TOP

Links to useful tools or models

Title Format Author Date
The EMC Live information growth ticker SWF EMC March 2008
Amazon Search Form Macro XLS    
Endeca Faceted Guided Navigation Video Shock wave Endeca Inc  




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