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Our public information and knowledge management training programmes come highly recommended by our clients:

"Truly inspirational", "Exciting and insightful", "Motivating - Worth every penny"
"Adrian's wealth of experience adds colour and depth to each of the techniques he teaches"

Our goal as always is to "Create Insight" for our delegates - giving them the inspiration and clarity they need to help them to understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving "information age". We are on a mission to unite the diverging worlds of information management, bringing together the various disciplines that make up the broad community tackling the problems of information overload today.

Breakthrough thinking and Communications in knowledge and information strategy

This is a programme for information leaders, those responsible for reshaping their departments. The programme provides a suite of radical tools, which together can achieve the breakthroughs you need to respond to today's challenges.

Strategic Information Architecture Design

This programme explores the necessity and techniques for creating "information centric" architectures for today's organisations, reducing the impact of the inevitable technology churn that we face.

Information Architecture Foundation Programme - Channels & Interfaces

The IA Foundation programme is designed for delegates who are new to the world of designing and managing webs and intranets. It covers the key principles and techniques for creating compelling and sustainable information channels.

Knowledge Management Foundation Programme

This programme demystifies the jargon of knowledge management, providing a pragmatic framework and toolbox for organisations who need to begin the journey towards improved KM practices.

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